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We populated this scene in Unreal Engine with characters made using a prototype of Tafi's Text-to-3D Character Engine. Every character is unique and the whole scene only took a fraction of the time - as in, a few minutes total! Best of all, these files are optimized to work natively in Unreal, Unity, Max, Maya, Blender, Omniverse, and Daz Studio - we’re aiming to deliver the biggest breakthrough ever for generating 3D characters. We wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain to show the mountain of proprietary, detailed, and structured data powering this Al engine.

This made us wonder: How long would it actually take to create billions of character variations in order to train a foundational Al model that can generate customized 3D characters based on natural language text prompts? The number is too large for us to include on this webpage. If we had to go the traditional Al route and render that many characters for visual training, it would eat up a mind-boggling 75,000 years of compute time. Thankfully, with Tafi's interoperable content library and metadata, we can generate them in a tiny fraction of that time. We're talking way before the Singularity hits and maybe even in time for dinner!

"Building the world's most powerful character engine" What does that mean for you? We’re building the world’s most powerful character engine based on 20 years of expertise in simplifying 3D. All you need to start is a keyboard and your imagination. Whether you're creating a single, perfect character or 10,000 random ones, we're here to make it fast, fun, and rewarding for beginner and expert creators alike.

20 years of expertise in simplifying 3D

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