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Decentraland Rooftop Party
Friday, July 30th @ 8pm - 9pm UTC

Celebrate International Friendship Day at a special ‘can-top’ party, brought to you by Coca-Cola! Look for the giant Coke can, specially-constructed for Decentraland, and join surprise music guests providing the party vibes.

Get the first peek at the ‘Coca-Cola Friendship Box’, packed full of NFTs + more, including a 1/1 Decentraland bubble jacket wearable. Single auction on OpenSea with proceeds donated to the Special Olympics.

Party-goers will also have the chance to enter to win ‘Mythic’ Coca-Cola wearable t-shirts.

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Live AMA (Ask Me Anything)
Friday, July 30th @ 9:30pm UTC

Join members of the Coca-Cola, Tafi, OpenSea and Decentraland Foundation teams to discuss the Coca-Cola Friendship Box NFT collaboration, and what this means for the metaverse.

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Meet the Artists

Lisa Wang

Has been working as an animator and animation supervisor for 9 years, on various feature film/VFX/game projects. She lives in Vancouver with her husband and 2 cats.

Chris Cooper

Working around the world for a spectrum of studios, Chris Cooper has been a motion graphic artist for 15 years. Born and raised in North England, he now lives with his hound dog, Billy the Whippet, in Cornwall, UK.

Anna Bird

Is from the UK and has been working in content creation for more than 15 years. She started working with Daz Studio nearly 11 years ago. She is a 3D artist who specializes in texture work.

Eun JIN, Lee

Is a Korea-based 3D artist who has collaborated on a variety of projects over the years. He is grateful for every opportunity to improve his skills and create something new and exciting.

Scott Lefler

Is a Florida native and graphic designer whose hobbies include 3D animation and After Effects, as well as hiking with his wife and daughter. He now resides in Utah with his family.

David Brinnen

Has collaborated with Daz 3D since 2006, working on a variety of interesting projects. He developed an interest in 3D modeling during that time and has since become a full-time digital artist.

Juan Mendiola

Is a senior 3D artist and programmer with over 14 years in the gaming and commercial animation industry. He worked at EA, Activision, and Walt Disney Feature Animation before founding ThreeDigital, an external development company specializing in 3D art and animation for XR and emerging technologies.

Aylmer Alfred O. Velez

Aylmer “A” Velez is a Sr. 3D Generalist with experience in both full CG and live action. “A” has held many creative roles within the VFX world, working for studios to produce movies, commercials, television and web shows as a 3D VFX artist. He has also worked as a Lead Compositor, Technical Director, and Video Editor.

Voltaire C. Cada

Is a passionate Visual Development Supervisor with 20 years of experience in the commercial animation and visual effects industry. He specializes in 3D visual development, texturing, and lighting.

Cameron Wilson

Is the CEO and founder of The Diigitals and creator of Shudu, the world's first digital supermodel. At The Diigitals, he focuses on helping brands navigate the new and ever-changing 3D landscape.