Where is my Avatar?

A PC version and Quest version of your avatar are exported to your account every time you “Upload to VRChat” in the Avatar Creator. Depending on what system you or others are using the appropriate version of your avatar will be displayed - you shouldn’t have to do anything but design, export and spin up VRChat. After some handshakes between some servers happen your freshly minted avatar can be found in the "Avatar" menu inside VRChat in the "Other" row.

Why can't people see my Quest Avatar?

In some instances users have their “Safety/Performance Options” settings set to hide avatars of that don’t hit a certain “Minimum” performance threshold. Tafi avatars performance will vary depending on the complexity of your avatar design but in most cases should fall in the “Good” to “Medium” level . If your friends adjust their performance settings in the "Social" tab to allow for "Medium" avatars you should be all set.

How can I check the performance of my Tafi Avatar?

Open the VRChat Menu inside VRChat, then click on “Avatar” button and you’ll see “Avatar Stats” in the bottom left corner - the VRChat team provides a list of useful stats regarding your avatar here.

Is my Avatar Cloneable? 

By default your Tafi avatar is set to private and can’t be cloned by other VRChat users. It’s our hope that if someone likes what you’ve created with the Avatar Creator that they’ll be excited to go and make one of their own - help a brother out and show them “da wae”!

These avatars look similar to Nikei, what’s the deal?

Good eye sirs and madams. In fact, Tafi Avatar Creator: VRChat Edition is made by the team that brought you Nikei! We thought it was time to provide an answer to that desperate guy with the spiked hair and blue jacket wandering the Hub asking “Hey, how do I get a custom avatar?”

How do I put my own Avatar Content into the App?

That would be really cool wouldn’t it?! Join our Discord and tell us more on what you have in mind here, we’re really interested in the community's thoughts with this one.

My content in the app is suddenly acting really glitchy but was previously working fine - what’s up?

This probably means you’ve been user for some time (thanks!) and that we’ve recently made some changes that break compatibility between a new version of the app that we’ve pushed up and the old content in your local database - or vice versa. 9 times out of 10 you’ll need to delete your database and that should fix the wonkiness. Here’s how you do that:

Windows users go here:

Users/(userID)/AppData/LocalFlow/Tafi/Tafi Avatar Creator / *Delete All Files (Don’t worry, you aren’t losing anything permanently, but assets will need to be re-downloaded)

OSX users go here:

OSX app coming soon!

Everyone thinks I’m now an ace 3D avatar creator and I really don’t want to tell them the truth. Does that make me a bad person?

No, not at all. But when you are feeling a bit more magnanimous - we recommend sharing the app and letting them know the source of your powers. maketafi.com/vrchat


TafiToken Refunds: Tafi has a 30-day money-back guarantee on TafiTokens purchased in the TafiAvatars: VRChat Edition application. When sending in a refund request, please include the purchase order number and your email address.

Product Return Policy: In order to provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, we ask that you test the item within 30 days of purchase. If you find that the purchased product does not fit your needs or has a bug, please submit a support ticket for assistance. Please be sure to include the name of the product, order number and the email address you used in the Tafi app.

Please note: Product purchases are limited to 3 returns a year. In order to prevent abuse of the return policy, if the number of returns from a customer becomes excessive or repetitive, Tafi reserves the right to discontinue refunds for that customer.  In this event, Tafi will honor the previously made return requests and will notify the customer that future returns will no longer be accepted.

You can reach Support HERE.