We shape the way people express themselves in the digital world.
Our approach to digital identity gives you tools to create, manage, distribute and monetize avatars, unlocking exciting ways for people to express themselves and connect with others.

Our mission is to make fun, expressive and useful avatars for everyone.
People like avatars
World-Class Avatars
World-Class Avatars
World-Class Avatars
World-Class Avatars
“If we can make an avatar feel human, we've completely changed the way people think about work, living and play”
Jeremy Bailenson – Founding Director Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab
Avatars creation is the starting point for some of the most compelling social, gaming and entertainment experiences
Avatars are more than just a fun way to interact with the digital world. They allow platforms to engage with users in ways that are meaningful, engaging, and financially sustainable. Avatars are actually becoming engines of the digital economy. Traditionally, these kinds of engines have been reserved for major studios. The Tafi Avatar Platform levels the playing field, however, by giving your application or platform an out-of-the-box avatar economy.
of people with avatars have avatars
One Bazillion
Actual number of avatars we hope to help the world create by 2030
Meet the team

We’ve worked, created and learned in this space for over 15 years. As the roles and demands of identity are taking new form and magnitude, we believe now more than ever that a truly revolutionary avatar system is needed.

Berkley frei
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